About Us

Namaste! Welcome to our website!

Established in 2015, The Artisan Foundation (TAF) is a marketing platform which creates a space for traditional handicraft artisans, SHGs, NGOs and women micro entrepreneurs to showcase their work while simultaneously ensuring that the products being promoted are pocket friendly and popular.

Linking social entrepreneurship to social change.

We are a team of social entrepreneurs working to support and nurture traditional Indian craftspeople. Our principal aim is to bring them into the mainstream market, thereby helping in preserving and promoting traditional art and craft through sustainable livelihood initiatives. As social entrepreneurs we blend for profit goals with generating a positive "return to society". As such, our metrics are different; we are oriented towards creating  social, cultural, and environmental goals.

TAF was formed with the intention of working with the artisans and not for the artisans.

Over the years we have fostered a community of artisans across different clusters. We have connected these artisans to a wider market of individual and corporate buyers through exhibitions, corporate gifting, workshops, field trips, and more recently, through the TAF website. We created our e-commerce website expressly to provide an organic digital connection between the artisans and their buyers. We support our artisans not just by promoting their creations, but with design inputs to enable them to meet modern preferences, and thereby helping them find wider global markets.